Saturday, November 30, 2013

Yesterday nite? Now that my dad is friends with the president Barack Obama. I feel like I have to be modest. However my i want to share my experience of skating the international space station.
First thing they did was measure the diameter of my brain and measured my brain capacity. Luckily I was approved and they sent me to rocket ship training. I got in an aqua suit and.i practiced what it would be like with zero gravity. All I can say is zero gravity is crazy! Anyway.
I finally got up there and I was met by the attendant of the craft. She was nice, kinda bossy. But she layed down the basic rules and guidelines and stuff, basically what I could and couldn't do.
She said I couldn't use my cellphone cus it would interfere with the reactivity of the control boards. However I did have the privilege to skate the mega complex behind the fuel tanks. A scientist told me that if I slipped out it would cause a catastrophic disaster, so I kept that in mind.

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