Thursday, April 25, 2013

(pronounced shafizm)

There are many rules to safizm. first rule, no rules sucka! second rule:  once u commit urself to saf. your no longer human.  period. you got to give up your identity, all the members of saf dont have an identity, some call it an identity crisis, saf members call it saf.  you got to sacrifice your life for no reason. otherwise you not wise one bit, loud teapot.  fivth rule'  saf cannot be garnished with mint and cilantro.  nahneva dat.  strick diets of garlic and malt, for the organic antibiotic.  6th rule. all of saf must be phat, muy gordo mama guevo!  if your too fit, saf will break you down just like nug.7th principle - saf is utterly detached from society, cuz this information..its too dangerous, cud cause. social upheaval.  8th principle- to have pure saf mind, never think for one second.  
The 2013 SAF test. (street assessment form)

please read the directions carefully and neatly fill in your answers on the scantron sheet provided by evan gallager

1. what is the fastest way to neptune?

A. transcend space and time
B. get space ship license
c.  new jersey
D. get high on weed

2.  Which is more rational?

A. cella to ledge
B. popshuveit to front flip
C. polejam to face
D. flat ground to air

Please read the following passage and answer the following questions.

Jimmy saw a new joint on the real.  He didnt know where he was because hes never been to orange before.  Butt, he wants to alert his friend Jones that the joint is fire, fur real.  He takes a pic of it and sends it to him but the fbi traces the cord, and totally blow up the spot.  Lame!

What is Jones supposed to do?

A.  commit arson
B.  nonviolent resistance
C.  tell evan gallager
D.  get a job

What would you suggest for Jimmy.

A.  disappear
B.  tell evan gallager
B.  kick himself off team saf
D.  tell evan gallager


Piece-kid's Expo

Highly acclaimed smoking apparatus collector Chris "Peace-kid" Something or other hails from The Golden State and has now made his home next to Kev's junkyard. He works a real person job, lives with babes, rides asian motorcycles, and in his spare time drinks Ballantine Ale and collects glass apparati that are usually valued higher than my monthly rent in hiptown. Anyway, he recently made the trek two doors down with multiple briefcases full of glass to hangout at Kev's museum. He displayed the tip of his pieceberg and got TeamSAF thoroughly obliterated on hash oil. Anonymous quotes of the night include; "This bong slide is valued over $500." Also, "Look at Kevin ruining his life." And we can't forget, "Feuer." .....yabbaDABbadoo!

"You boys ain't even ready."

Copper plated glass by bong artist,  Snick. Check the guy Ev is fumbling with,  looks porcelain almost but apparently it's dyed glass.

More pieces than ODB's siblings have nieces.

2 of them joints, 2. 

Starting to breach over into the realm of FBR. It's a fine line.

Jerm traveled ten hours north just to make it to the expo, feuer.

Necessary laser gun assist.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

stories about flicks

sup all fans, new safblog poster here, tryna start things off right. i got a bunch of flicks saved up and finally begged the ceo enough to let me post them.  thank lucifer and hail the kings of willoughby. let's get started:

the son of piff gettin' it at the saf premier this weekend. hoder's ramp is ridiculous(ly good). even more ridiculous when a bunch of girls are sitting all around it. accidental skateboards to the dome nahmean?

we said 'jeremy how'd you get so good' and he responded 'a steady diet of cheese'. serious levels of communication going on right here, waveylengths connected, third eyes unblinking.

this fool right here earned those burgers. killed the ramp all night at the saf premier. fucking whitecastle took so long to give me my dirty burgers.

fuck whitecastle, shit is for only for emergencies. get some safburgers going on the grill, call your grandma and tell her to look on the stomach of her neighbors cat. we wrote the recipe there.
gettin' a lil' twist with the burgers. we all had a rough week, someone popped don lucciano's tire and kev and i popped off some thesis bullshit off for college. responsibilities like jobs and college can suck a dick. responsibilities in general.


managed to cop a non FBR picture of kev. this photo makes me think about that clipse lyrics that's something like 'the three behind mine, they be the clique, so much ice in they rollies they shit don't tick'. they're obviously talking about maybachs and rolexs and more material things though. all we got over here is piff.


Tuesday, April 23, 2013

dear: somehow attentive followers (sellphone aperture failing)

phones memory full so heres some randoms

one day, a long time ago, two fine men decided to embark on 
the journey of making homeade pizza.  These two individuals 
believed that they would be able to make a more filling and tastier pizza 
at home, rather than goin to the wack spot two blocks away.
there was one problem.
One individual wanted to use homeade sauce and premade crust, where
the other wanted to make a homeade crust and use premade sauce.
The two men went theyre serperate ways. 
cartas sauce lookin supreme
 cartas final product
 slept on his own pizza, dont worry, the pyrex is in the fridge

I lost all the pics of ewips ill joint, might be up soon.. for now (@ewips) for the fire
 associate "the chef" came thru for the after cookout with another banger
Garlic bread broccoli pasta chicken with some crazy good sauce he spent 
like 2 hours on 

 hmmmmmmm, banks in ridgewood contracting cella tumors
 back to za, ewips killin the sauce game, sink killin the disposal game
meanwhile cartas just dropped the shrooms, with bout 10 mins left til it goes in 
 copped the premade
more shroomssss
 your inn da safhouse now
 las tres espigas, not quite the factory but still. close n quick
 munchin burgers before the pizza cookoff
1$. daily breakfast 

break from reality, brb 
creator n creation
 quik diner stop, park slope
 spots usually evolve with age (ex 1)
example 2: fun lil kansas joints
the whip 
 work work work workk 
carter cellphone full part out soon 
mr ceo 
first time to this wack park 
jason ill cell to rayray
2 Sledgehammers n ur good 
say that

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Team Showing A Film

Today was sick. So hyped to see everyone come out and show love. I'm glad everyone was into the video and got good and drunk with us the rest of the night. Special thanks to Mike Hoder for throwing it down at his place. Ewip and Rosies section going online tomorrow and full DVDs with bonus features ready soon 

Finished editing about 4 hours before the premier...

Suitin' up

Hoder and Ewip building the screen

Simple Adaptive Feature created with stool

Fouyer town

right before shit popped off

Everyone chillin after the video
The Sketchy Angle Filmprojector made it through the night unharmed

The CEO himself on the way home

partied out

pottied out