Thursday, April 25, 2013

(pronounced shafizm)

There are many rules to safizm. first rule, no rules sucka! second rule:  once u commit urself to saf. your no longer human.  period. you got to give up your identity, all the members of saf dont have an identity, some call it an identity crisis, saf members call it saf.  you got to sacrifice your life for no reason. otherwise you not wise one bit, loud teapot.  fivth rule'  saf cannot be garnished with mint and cilantro.  nahneva dat.  strick diets of garlic and malt, for the organic antibiotic.  6th rule. all of saf must be phat, muy gordo mama guevo!  if your too fit, saf will break you down just like nug.7th principle - saf is utterly detached from society, cuz this information..its too dangerous, cud cause. social upheaval.  8th principle- to have pure saf mind, never think for one second.  

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