Wednesday, July 31, 2013

important update

the best pizza comes from the sack
baked ziti for president

governor can stay

nic's first pair of shorts courtesy of stretchmarc
 she is street

Skavenger Assist Flow (behind the scenes)

Old pics of Carter at Post trying to assemble his new Skvr frame (courtesy of Mike Rose) with about 95% of the work load tackled by Rob
 Frame came stock with a SAF sticker on it
 forgot to put the bushing in the chain

 loaths bike maintenance
installing vital support systems
bars pic that Carter was very unimpressed with the timing of... self conscious of the bus?

 dudes slappy fail whilst (Albion editorial type correction to make prose sound intelligent) his mans put some rebellious sticker up
...the end.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

the meaning of life

"From the creators of such classics as 'Arl day peg sesh' and 'Rip Barry Smith sesh' comes a full length DVD featuring over 25 minutes of extreme urban environmental damage.
Released on the 3rd October 2012. Do yourself a favour and play this with some real speakers otherwise enjoy listening to some tinny hi hats...
There's still a few hard copies kicking around (for anyone street enough)
Or just download it and burn your own disc parky d style...
Peas. "

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

some american family

i've been M.I.A from the saf blog for awhile, my apologies. i'm currently out of town in maryland with my family drinking patroƱ with my grandma. my whole family buys fancy beer, IPAs and shit and it all just tastes like a bunch of leaves. fuck this shit where are my tan cans.

i will drink it anyway. 

since team saf is all basically skaters now, here's one of my fav edits.

slappies and feebles, skateboarding almost fulltime, shoelaces are frayed, etc etc.

been lurking the ghettoest areas, and here's the mobile skate spot headquarters. some rough cement curbs and flatground that isn't covered by shade. we keep it raw out here you pussies. here's a little new york flavor to keep me from getting homesick.

58mm or bigger
only for select alien fiends 

oh well, back to the beach. i'll post some pictures of curbs i slappied later on. 

-young neutrogena aka mr. complex son, aka tony baloney

Monday, July 22, 2013

carter feeling out the wall to smith
coming soon... Dan Cohen bike check. When's the last time you saw an animal mushroom sticker?

Sunday, July 21, 2013

a letter from the editor

Back by popular demand, the last couple of posts by daphellopipha aka jason byoun after he deleted them due to a severe case of butthurtis. "hey evin gallegar, fuck you. please read or reread *(you damn scholars): (there for freeee!!on the enternet) the road not taken by robert frost and lines written a fuew myles above tintern abbey by wordsworth. I dont get them, at all, i dont even know how to read, actually. ps. why the fuck is the backround on the saf blog sum fucking hipster bitch, wtf happende to the cellars and the saf culture, sell outs, not even d4eliberatly dedddicated to destroying your identity as a slave to the stystem of higharcical corruption on thre reeall real, for real."

Friday, July 19, 2013

evan why are you so handsome, fuck this shit. seriously

Heat wave

Its been real hot. Almost hot enough to make us film some shit for literally the 3rd time since we finished the video. Edit coming soon tho

Monday, July 15, 2013

Team SAFs 4th of july

stumbled across a bunch of sick photos that this nice lady (covington portraits) took of all us drunken idiots on the 4th.
shit was live

 rosie stayin up
 da whole team stayin up
 cuz theres levels to this shit
boat ride too the moon

 pop off team saf 2013 and forever
 peep the Hasid homie stayin up in the bottom left  
 rosie literally making sure this dude stayed up
I guess we dodged a bullet here...

Sunday, July 7, 2013


Saf house is over in just a few weeks. Right now i'm listening to grouper alone in my room and its all starting to hit me. Its so sad seeing everyone splitting up. Kinda feels like that time my girlfriend kicked me in the shin and dumped me when i was 16. Nevertheless team saf will never die. I'd say thanks guys for the best year of my life but who knows what the future holds. Hopefully living further apart will mean less laziness and less riding curb cuts and drinking out front . who knows. maybe we'll all become stock brokers. maybe we'll all go braindead from cellphone radiation. maybe we'll end up in guantanomo bay for being so god damn goodwittit. nobody fucking knows. Team saf 2014 baby