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Ghoti - Bikes Gone Wild from Chris Carter on Vimeo.
Ghoti (pronounced "fish") was the precursor to teamSAF. Bikes Gone Wild was filmed and edited by SAF creator Dennis Hsiao. (Dennis later went on to make the first SAF dvd which went by the same name... he sold one copy to Marc Meeuwissen for 5$)

SAF - SEXTAPE from Evan Gallagher on Vimeo.
Sextape, better know as teamSAF's Dude Where's My Bike? Never came out due to the retiring of Dennis (a flat tire took him out of the game) but I had a ruff edit of the video on my computer so I uploaded it myself.
The best part from Summer of SAF. (watch the rest here: part1 part2 part3 part4 part5 part6)

you had your chance from darian robinson on Vimeo.
 You Had Your Chance was a collaborative effort made by Darian, Eric Schalles, and Jason
You Had Your Chance 2 was the second collaborative video from the three, YHYC2 WILL BE BACK ONLINE SHORTLY, sorry
newest full video is being put out now