Sunday, January 27, 2013

vacation pt 2

Mauna Kea is the tallest mountain in the world. Fuck Everest. But for real, if measured from the bottom of the mountain, which starts at the ocean floor, Mauna Kea is twice the size of Mount Everest, which starts on a plateau.  The elevation is almost 14,000 feet above sea level, nowhere close to Everest.  We took a trip to the top of the mountain and it was almost as cold as Rhode Island in January.  From the top we could see a mountain on Maui peeking out of the clouds.  Some people had trouble adjusting to the pressure from the high altitude but I didn't really feel anything.  Mauna Kea is where different countries have their telescopes set up to study astrology.  This is because the sky is apparently the clearest in the world on the big island.  The air is unpolluted and all the street lights are yellow so they only emit one spectrum of light, so there is no light pollution.

There is the sickest cement park I've ever seen in Pahoa.  It was only built around 5 years ago but looks like it could be one of the first of it's kind.  There's a kidney shaped pool with a light in the deep end.  And there was only one scooter kid but he was 8 years old and on vacation from the U.K., and his dad picked me up while I was hitch hiking in the rain so he's ok.

Wales were migrating around the island.  Some people think there's an alien mothership off the coast of Kona and they communicate through the dolphins, who are also believed to be ancient aliens.

There was this old hippie that stayed at the retreat center for two weeks.  He was a vietnam vet and had a prosthetic leg.   He had to leave to go back to Arizona where he's a truck driver.  Before he left he made this out of lava rocks on the cliffs.  He left his John Lennon glasses.

I cooked 100 pounds of slaughtered cow.

And Tofu for the vegans...

Saturday, January 26, 2013

SAF Buisness Model


More 1998 - Mark Osborne.atr-house from renoune on Vimeo.


teamSAF has probably watched N S F 3, combined, a million times... N S F tw O a few hundred times... and I've never even seen NSF1 until today. Thanks to  Pete_G for hooking it up with the link.


 I get to what has to be the greatest part of the video, click, and this happens

now I'm sad : /
I love how the videos filmed off the TV, I feel like I'm in some UK flat watching this

Monday, January 21, 2013

my extended vacation part 1

Last winter I spent a few months living in a jungle in a remote part of the Big Island of Hawaii.  I stayed at a yoga retreat center and worked 5 days a week cooking awesome food for beautiful people.  Every night after work I would sit naked in a hot tub with middle aged gay men.  It was the best experience of my life.
The name of the district of Hawaii where I was is called Puna.  It's nothing like the Hawaii people think of.  There's no white sand beaches, overpriced surf lessons, those pig roasts with grass skirts and mai tais, no japanese tourists loading up on designer clothing that's too expensive in tokyo, and there's no judgement.  Everybody in Puna is a complete misfit to normal society so they all congregate in the shittiest place furthest away from the mainland so they can be total freaks without feeling like they are being judged.  It makes perfect sense that its right next to the most active volcano in the world and could be destroyed by lava any day.  You gotta have that dgaf attitude or else you'll get bummed when it down pours on you every half an hour.
Before I left jersey I went to bed bath and beyond and bought a 20 dollar camera so I could take some cool pictures. So here they are.

This was my first time on an airplane.  It was a long trip and I didn't know movies cost extra money.

This was where I lived.  I couldn't stand up straight in it but it was the coziest little tent.

There was a Christmas parade in the little village of Pahoa.

George the Baker was really nice and baked me a cake for my birthday.

This is the beach I would go to.  It was clothing optional, not legally though, and by my second week there I was hanging out naked.  Apparently it's the deadliest beach in Hawaii because the waves are wild and crash right on the shore, which is really rocky.  It's really tricky to enter the ocean without getting knocked on your ass and even harder to get out.  You gotta have the right timing.  One time I stayed in the water for an hour because I was too bitch to make a move and try to get out.  Sometimes tourists come and don't know what they're doing and they get pretty messed up.  The locals would have drum circles on sundays and everyone would just be chilling and smoking weed.  There was this lady that would walk around with a baby on one arm sucking on her boob and a cooler in the other arm trying to sell her home made ganja ice cream.

I borrowed a bike that barely worked and explored the coast.

On new years eve someone busted out the body paint and I ended up with a kool aid man and what I think is supposed to be a jelly fish. The guy I'm with is named Jym, but for some reason we would call him Jay Why Em.  He has a stick and poke tattoo on his arm that says Seduce & Destroy.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

the serendipitous artifact finders



make sure you call them beforehand so they can prepare it.

Anthony Bourdain




art on display.
fucking cellas.

shiiittt, these cellas are beautiful!

yes.. shurely this one's a fine specimen.

these are pretty ghetto.  cool!