Saturday, November 30, 2013

Yesterday nite? Now that my dad is friends with the president Barack Obama. I feel like I have to be modest. However my i want to share my experience of skating the international space station.
First thing they did was measure the diameter of my brain and measured my brain capacity. Luckily I was approved and they sent me to rocket ship training. I got in an aqua suit and.i practiced what it would be like with zero gravity. All I can say is zero gravity is crazy! Anyway.
I finally got up there and I was met by the attendant of the craft. She was nice, kinda bossy. But she layed down the basic rules and guidelines and stuff, basically what I could and couldn't do.
She said I couldn't use my cellphone cus it would interfere with the reactivity of the control boards. However I did have the privilege to skate the mega complex behind the fuel tanks. A scientist told me that if I slipped out it would cause a catastrophic disaster, so I kept that in mind.

Friday, November 29, 2013

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

to specify all forms of matter, is no task that is easy.
instead i will do it with decency, so as to relish the language all together  .
here we can see this medium of computer space, it is an interconnected network of code.
to begin with an anchor thats heavy and fortified, the baseic origin of the ground is pebbles and gravel. gravel and sand then combines like snowball mixture to make assfault.  asfault is a distinct material taht is common like a peasant, and as foolish as a dumbo. finer grains means smoother, bigger grains means ruffah

now. these are the baseline principles that all formulas will be grounded up on.
therfore since sand is smoother than pebbles that are the size of lil nugs, then this means that it must mean roughness is derived from the Appalachians
as a counter point to my argument i draw on conclusions made from safilosopher, tim, then i prove him wrong with my final statement.

"in the classification of forms of matter, i found that in studing there was/were significant deviations in the disinclinations of the varying gradients.  what were/was to be expected from the results left me giving up on life."-tim

according to tim only a lamebrain would have an affinity for sand because as can be proven with simple statistics and cross analysises, it is clear only a fuckup wud want that.
therefore incorporating all the evidence i have built like an array of dominos, all thats left for me to do is sacrifice one minion in order to recieve the "ok" for my next endever.