Monday, November 18, 2013

snacks and frugality

one of contemporary society's most pressing questions; is store brand comparable to non-store brand? we're here today with the snackmaster himself, the payday king, mr neutrogena. let's take a look at what we will be reviewing.

fam dolla. a gem amongst coal in certain areas of the hood. certain types of unreleased hypebeast cereals can be found here, as well as an abundance of solid store brand selections. this here is the store brand mixed berry pop-tart. valued at a solid $1.65 this deal can't be beat.

now i like to toast mine but that's up to you. i jacked this toaster oven from a storage unit and if you arent using a toaster oven you might as well stop reading now. i blast the motherfucker on high for about two minutes, enough time to choke down the last of my spliff. after smoking so much your tastebuds are shot anyways so why waste money on the expensive swanky ass pop tarts? 

grill marks are a go. i like mine well done, it helps evaporate some of the chemicals i think. maybe not. eat it while it's hot otherwise you may catch some weird aftertaste.

macro shot for the foodies. these crystals are no joke. 

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