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Top 5 Riders That Don't Ride: #5

"Emerson" Alex
Reason for quitting BMX: Not a good a look.

Emerson Alex is now well on his way to becoming a wealthy bureaucrat. He got out of the game just in time before the lifestyle completely caught up with him; he only allowed it to ruin his youth. Young adulthood is treating him well, he has a Bachelor's of Business under his belt and is establishing himself in Corporate America working as a banker in Midtown. He's strictly a social drinker and I'm willing to bet a rusty peg that his pajamas came from J Crew. He's the kind of guy who has a couch you would want to sleep on.

Before selling out, Alex was a quintessential part of the Bergen County scene in the 2006 post All Day era. If a Venn Diagram was drawn with the styles of Mark Gralla and Sadanori Higashi on each side, Alex would be in the center. It is arguable that due to his obsession with Ratkid and "Ratkid Spots" alike that SAF strayed from only riding PMS and similar ledges. Our cellar door obsession would not exist if it wasn't for this man. Alex didn't enjoy filming anything unless the surrounding area looked impoverished. He once strung together a strenuous line over a number of takes involving a lengthy nose manual and refused to use the footage in one of his edits because, "There's a big ass suburban house in the background." It is this mentality that has led to classics such as You Had Your Chance 2.

Spring Break from alex on Vimeo.

The Lost Archives of Emerson Alex: The Complete Series from Chris Carter on Vimeo.

julys been busy from alex on Vimeo.

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Tell All Your Friends

If you're in the Baltimore area you better come through. Nothing but good times. Park is in the hood so bring a blunt and a 40, and I ain't talking about OE.

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the bug - skeng

fe mi number num one x3
i nom i nom one x3

this one dedicated to all badman
whether ya from Manchester or London
whether ya from north London or Brixton
_______ push up in a hand
fi nom i nom two
si flow dan a killa road show
all my brothers are mi roll deep bro
you don't wanna brush or step on wi shoe
you know I say true
mi nom i nom three
put in the Ganja take out the seed
for all a me intelligent people
pon di road side we a smoke weed
yes indeed, thats what we need,
four, one time we talk and nah talk no more
sight dem boy and wi kick off the door
kick of dem door and wi run up wid tha four four
you don't wana see the four four
five, bust my gun and them nah stay alive,
tek 'way ya son I might tek 'way your wife,
and you dun kno say mi a go still ago stab with knife,
tell dem mi nom in nom six,
dem walk with knife when we walk with sticks,
killa man mi ago done some pricks,
done some pricks wid tha M one six,
tell dem _________ seven,
how much gun _______ bust wid da seven
man don't wanna get us wid da seven,
cos ya only gonna get eleven
_________ eight
bust my gunshot boy at the gate,
wi don't really care it's early or late,
badman man real we nah fake
straight, mi nom i nom i nom nine,
tec wid da nine, SW9, tec nine and a tec nine
boy dem can't dis mi it's fine, if a boy fuck wi mine,
then I get the ten, mac ten,
fi nom i nom ten, tell dem already
nah tell dem again
no problem


um, skeng, skeng, skeng
mi a killa man bust off the big skeng
skeng, skeng, skeng
mi a killa man wi load the big skeng
car, car, car,
skeng pon road, no skeng in car
car, car, car
mi a killa man roll in a car,
road, road, road,
(walk inna something something) and I walk with sword,
sword, sword, sword,
shot inna face like dart in a board,
real, real, real
bullet fly through bumper, whole windscreen
screen, screen, screen
who can't hear dem (woman ago feel)

[puuuuusssyole dem nah know me]
see mi pon di roadside rolling,
like say ya feel ya cyan roll in,
we have da machine ready for dem,
ready for dem,
no make me ave fe stroll in,
when the big dogs roll in,
you don't want see when gunshot start beat
it will be like when dog'a eat tripe
come a to stop a whole lotta dem,
tell you d'truth se mi nah care bout dem,
cah we me duppy de duppy de duppy (cah instead of 'cos)
de duppy de duppy dem
me ago send bad duppy fe dem

man a bad a man from a long time,
I swear down you can ask all a de people dem,
look inna mi face , brother man you don't wanna see man when wi get evil then,
then, then, then,
you don't wanna see me get evil,
evil, evil, evil,
worse, worse, worse,
shot inna face make you send for the nurse,
nurse, nurse, nurse,
doctor can't fix ya send for the hearse,
hearse, hearse, hearse,
doctor can't fix you send fe de hearse,
black, black, black,
funeral start everybody in a black,
poper in a suit and muma in a frock,

Lines 1-9 of verse 2 repeated.

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@team_saf numero dos

Seen this one on Streetphire
@thisisword @rodeopeanut @_ryanconway
@animalbikes pic taken from @jeffkocsis @rodeopeanut Rodeopeanut/teamSAF Gatefold duel dvd re release happening soon
If you are visiting this blog, unless you are Anderegg or Ewips... this girl airs better then you and one more of Rj Orr doing a super shot little channel gap thing... welcome to teamSAF (unless he's already on the team, but who knows anymore?)

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