Wednesday, July 24, 2013

some american family

i've been M.I.A from the saf blog for awhile, my apologies. i'm currently out of town in maryland with my family drinking patroñ with my grandma. my whole family buys fancy beer, IPAs and shit and it all just tastes like a bunch of leaves. fuck this shit where are my tan cans.

i will drink it anyway. 

since team saf is all basically skaters now, here's one of my fav edits.

slappies and feebles, skateboarding almost fulltime, shoelaces are frayed, etc etc.

been lurking the ghettoest areas, and here's the mobile skate spot headquarters. some rough cement curbs and flatground that isn't covered by shade. we keep it raw out here you pussies. here's a little new york flavor to keep me from getting homesick.

58mm or bigger
only for select alien fiends 

oh well, back to the beach. i'll post some pictures of curbs i slappied later on. 

-young neutrogena aka mr. complex son, aka tony baloney

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  1. I could go for some dogfish bro!
    Say watsup to GrammaTone for me