Sunday, July 21, 2013

a letter from the editor

Back by popular demand, the last couple of posts by daphellopipha aka jason byoun after he deleted them due to a severe case of butthurtis. "hey evin gallegar, fuck you. please read or reread *(you damn scholars): (there for freeee!!on the enternet) the road not taken by robert frost and lines written a fuew myles above tintern abbey by wordsworth. I dont get them, at all, i dont even know how to read, actually. ps. why the fuck is the backround on the saf blog sum fucking hipster bitch, wtf happende to the cellars and the saf culture, sell outs, not even d4eliberatly dedddicated to destroying your identity as a slave to the stystem of higharcical corruption on thre reeall real, for real."


  1. yo evan you should actually buy my sunday frame. i'm running out of money and it would fit you nicely and also would easily hold up to pegless grinds.

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