Tuesday, April 23, 2013

dear: somehow attentive followers (sellphone aperture failing)

phones memory full so heres some randoms

one day, a long time ago, two fine men decided to embark on 
the journey of making homeade pizza.  These two individuals 
believed that they would be able to make a more filling and tastier pizza 
at home, rather than goin to the wack spot two blocks away.
there was one problem.
One individual wanted to use homeade sauce and premade crust, where
the other wanted to make a homeade crust and use premade sauce.
The two men went theyre serperate ways. 
cartas sauce lookin supreme
 cartas final product
 slept on his own pizza, dont worry, the pyrex is in the fridge

I lost all the pics of ewips ill joint, might be up soon.. for now (@ewips) for the fire
 associate "the chef" came thru for the after cookout with another banger
Garlic bread broccoli pasta chicken with some crazy good sauce he spent 
like 2 hours on 

 hmmmmmmm, banks in ridgewood contracting cella tumors
 back to za, ewips killin the sauce game, sink killin the disposal game
meanwhile cartas just dropped the shrooms, with bout 10 mins left til it goes in 
 copped the premade
more shroomssss
 your inn da safhouse now
 las tres espigas, not quite the factory but still. close n quick
 munchin burgers before the pizza cookoff
1$. daily breakfast 

break from reality, brb 
creator n creation
 quik diner stop, park slope
 spots usually evolve with age (ex 1)
example 2: fun lil kansas joints
the whip 
 work work work workk 
carter cellphone full part out soon 
mr ceo 
first time to this wack park 
jason ill cell to rayray
2 Sledgehammers n ur good 
say that

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