Sunday, May 5, 2013

surgical ankle fantasies part 2

#4 Coast to Coast AM

Coast to Coast is a radio show on AM every night from 1:00 to 5:00 in the morning. It's a talk show that covers all different types of topics, from alien abductions, to presidential assassination conspiracies, herbal remedies, and other weird stuff like that. When I was working in a kitchen, the chef would get the episodes on his phone and we would listen to the show while we worked. It was pretty cool to make food while listening to some guy in Nebraska talk about the time when aliens abducted him for five years and returned him to earth as the opposite gender, leaving him with an identity crisis. Before I left work my chef gave me his mom's coasttocoastam insider password so I can download all the archives and sit on my porch listening to all the good shows. My favorite topic they cover is the Black Eyed Kids. BEK's are these children that show up on your front porch and ask you to let them in really politely. They're usually looking at the ground, but when they look up, you see their eyes are black, no eyeballs, just black. They won't come in unless you let them in, and if you do, well your life is never the same. Some think they're aliens, some think they're ghosts.

#5. Watch the videos that got you stoked to begin with.
The first bmx video I bought was UGP Mission of Nonsense.  It was a VHS, on sale from Dans for 5 bucks.  

I downloaded Mutiny Subversion on Limewire 

One of my friends had Road Fools 14 on dvd and we would watch it all the time and get stoked on riding the city and sayreville.

Me and my homie Steve loved watching these old Your Inn videos.

#6. Study the citric acid cycle
It's so important.

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