Wednesday, May 8, 2013

seamTAF - Cinco De Drinko

 Trails As Fuck
Recently teamSAF rented a private charter jet and flew out a bunch of heads to Wisconsin and met up with Mike D. We dug, we drugged, we drank, we rode, and we ate a lot.
sipping on various Flying Dogs whilst eating chicken wings curtsy of Sada...
...and hotdogs curtsy of DeMarzo.
every time Ive ever rode trails with mike... or street for that matter, i make him do at least 10 griz airs because I cant find a decent angle or time my pictures
 Marc tied his bike to his hands and feet with fishing line, then made fun of me for taking off my pegs, then proceeded to mess up the landings with his pegs... leaving others to fix them for him. Trails etiquette at its finest. (stolen from Marcs instagram [marc_meeuwissen])
Sada jumping the second jump 100 times to dial it in, even though he does it perfect every time
learning how to air a quartertype(thing) and then eating shit
Mr. Merrit was killing it... he agreed to try and flair the quarter if Sada and I made it threw the entire set... we did, and then he tried. Stolen from Mikes instagram (odallday)
the master

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