Saturday, December 29, 2012

Stormdoor Angle Fetish (You Had Your Chance 2)

First... watch the promo, then watch the full video, and then get a copy on dvd before they're all gone. HURRY SUPPLIES ARE LIMITED!!! Also if  you call in the next 10 minuets we'll throw in a free Hurrycane for when you blow out your knees riding a little kids bike. That's a $420.00 value for only 500 pennies.
 "RIP Nick An AJ
filmed and edited by everyone on TeamSAF
dvds with a bunch more stuff for 5$ email"
T shirt prototype? The angles are off...
 Sometimes I go to make a post and find an old post draft that someone else made, or the left over bits of a post that was deleted. Daphellopifa left this almost post behind and I took the liberty of resurecting it to allow everyone to study the nature of Cellas (or Stormdoors) and in hopes that Hello el Piffa will come back and finish the thought
 "team shaf you may wonder, what is a cellar? ,are theyer guidelines, rules and requirements for what is to be considered a cellar? yes these questions are significant and they must be answered with precision certitude so that we dont fuck up. ok so here are the guidelines: a cellar is not a garbage can. however if the can is rather a metal pale and is leaned against something, giving it an inclination, then yes it may be a cellar. a cellar is not a computer. unless the computer is diamond and eatan off of, then yes it may be auspicious . a cellar is not a girl. but if the girl is ..."


  1. yo dis daphellopipha,
    to; evan gallagerrr
    ggrrr im so angry,,, dont post my shit, seriously..