Tuesday, December 11, 2012

ch 4

the dinner of the elders.

evan awoke, twenty five minutes to 8 oclock, polyestern time.  He looked at his hands; kangaroo hands.  he looked at his feet, kangarro feet.  He looked in a mirror, and saw his kangaroo face.  He asked questions like whats the history? whats the date?

lost in highlee concentrated bewilderment, zownedd out, like on some other plane? brahhhap!  However,(shattering sound) evan was startled, when he noticed a man with no eyebrows sitting right next to him.

Ahh! sir please confirm that tu eres of the noblest and not of those schedual type permalinks.
Evan, compose yourself. me llamo pokadotted sandle. (in native tongue cellardorian, this literally means, "the man with no eyebrows)
sup bra, ya knoe whats going on tonite?
yes evan, I am only here to inform u of a mandatory dinner you are to attend.
no doubt! hella good, when is it doc?
303030:::::444 oclock, make sure you adhere to the proper attire, sucker.

evan was sudeeenly ashamed.  and at thirty three: twelve evan showed up to the ball room.  He was feeling a lil shat! because on his way over, it started raining and it messed up his hair, which he had highlighted and spiked with gel.

upon entering the mess hall, he saw lavish excitement, almost straying from it out of intimidation.  to evans suprise the bodily forms of the elders were of the feminine nature.  speaking by not speaking.  one of the elders flew over to evan and sexually molested him.
 evan was like, "why!!! noo!!!" and evan began to cry like a little baby, and all the elders giggled, hehehehehehe.
evan cried and cried, until he could not cry no more.  then the elder snapped her fingers.
suddenly evan was enlightened. (bing!)
The elder stopped molesting evan and to the cognitive psychologist's surprise, evan started to molest himself, smiling like a zany kay bee toyes employee.
the elders all looked at one another and were amazed! (collective Whaaaa!!)
tha fa shung(the most wise) elder invited evan to sit down at the table.

tha fa shung pointed at the fork on the napkin, sang a short melody.  Tha fa shung licked her left index fingernail, and then bit her right pinky slightly. tha fa shung made a fish face and then made a fart sound with her right armpit.

The reverence toward tha fa shung was turned over toward evan.  to see if he had understood.  evan took his right pointer finger and stuck it in his left ear.  he stuck his tongue out to his righthand side. and looked up with his eyes.
Tha fa shung returned the gesture, which signified "agreement".  all of the elders then made the gesture.

servants brought out food,  evans previous body, honey roasted.
non-magical fairys broughtout wine, fermented earwax, 14%.

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