Tuesday, December 11, 2012

capitulelo tres
yo su sueno hizo beans get spilt
nha u know the bodega puerta es mas "cold as the rockies"
wor wor world of the wars
ye ye macadamia.

 -this is how the members of the cellardoor revival communicated. to a civilian this conversation went along the lines of hi, how are you, my name is, etc. but this esoteric language, art form, was a means conveying a message to be interpreted by the interpreter. so when evan gallegar heard this message, he swiftly fondled his scraps and escaped out of the jail that the sickopsycho bourgeoisie, had him contained in for 4 hundred and ten years.

evan managed to escape by using sum chewing gum and a swans feather. he tickled his way to a location where he found himself. he collapesed on the ground because he was really tired.

luckily the gods were generrous to the poor soul, succumb to the plastic parkinglot. they approached him, and then reproached him, like a beached whale. evan drempt that he was getting fanned by ferns, the sound of birds, and furry women in the native Australian plains.

they took him, and put him in the back of their thunder vehicle. to the infirmary, they rushed him to! remember, in this era the cellas were scarce, so that it was only until they had rushed him to the infirmary that the entire universe almost fell out of order.

they took evans brain out of his body, and put it into the body of a kangaroo, because it was the only body that was compatible.

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