Thursday, August 16, 2012

Vacation at the SAF House pt2

High Life
This dude was getting arrested at the Path Train for drinking Colt45 concealed in a paper cup
Rosie and Carter were seeing who could feeble furthest around this C until the security guard came sprinting from the hospital at us

 Failed attempt at a pretty long nozza into the cella

 Nose many into broken rail tranny with Jason filming for YOU HAD YOUR CHANCE 2

 Junk Jam 2012 Hood niggas unite,
Down 2 fite.
Bitch niggas come
we need bikes
FUCK TCU -Skomar
 Chris riding the streetmod that I designed myself
 when we started at this spot no one was there... soon enough we were overrun by dozens of wack skaters... the majority of them were just skating the flat ground trying different flip tricks... go skate a parking lot or something you wackness
 We got kicked out juuuust as Chris landed his line for YHYC2
 This grandma was sooo angry she was continualy uttering cuss werds to herself about us while we left and she helped her grandson put his truck together... the grandpa just stood by peacefully and listened to her get more and more worked up over nothing
"Yo kid you ever ride cellas with that?" -Jason
DARIAN, JASON, and ERIC have all been stacking clips for the sequal to You Had Your Chance... look out for that shit, and watch the first video while your at it... and then show all your friends

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