Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Vacation at the SAF House pt1

Went out to the new SAFhouse to chill for the week and talk buisness, aka to see the new AMPM video premiere... one of the first things i see in the apartment is Toreys wheel after a car ran over the back end of his bike.

 the first night I get to the city Rosie and Nic find me randomly riding along the streets of hipsterville and they buy me a subway ticket to ride LES. Twin fucking killed it until Muffinman got his front wheel ran over by this idiot in the truck, which we had to surround so he wouldn't drive away.
 CULT sticker mod/repair
 im cooking up
 didn't know which picture I liked so I used both... huhuhu

 Breakfast of champs... stale cornflakes, stale generic frootloops, and an unripe banana... no milk
 This dude kept trying to sell Nic and Ewip Gshocks but refused to say how much he was selling them for

 Carter and Nic both introduced me to some fresh ass foods that are new to me

 meet and greet
 rollin deep

Boss Stage
 Sneak Preview EXCLUSIVE
too much King Cobra, scary after this last time               

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  1. such a good fuckin post - rosie