Saturday, September 22, 2012

This chick is kinda WRAHW!

A girl hitting a wallride!?! Shits kinda WRAHW!!! Whats next? A girl hitting a cella to wallride?
but in all seriousness if that happens... teamSAF is going to have to all comarry her. Reverse morman wedding.
Accidental artsy fartsy picture I took the last time I was living in the city for a little bit, was trying to just get a pic of these obnoxiously hot bitches walking threw but this happend instead
some mysterious vandal type shit, teamSAF does not support illegal street art... get a permit you wastes of life sons of a bitches!!
Jason acted out in class so the teacher punished him... now it's hanging afront the Gir0nda Art Gallery
So basically Chris Carter killed the wallride game... more to come from my last NYC trip to the SAFhouse

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