Thursday, July 12, 2012

Flickr Life

 Charles Schoen behind the lense for Thunderkill in NYC
 Dope ass chicken spot... Scraps stayed throwing gang gestures at Charles' camera

The Rad Russian
  Heat wave... most of the time inside was spent shirtless/watching pornography

Cruising over to the boat
"Yo Ewip, why aren't you as manly as your dad?" -Damian
some drug dealers on the high seas...
...police in hot pursuit
Ewips bike gets caught in the sail
predator god
"Next Level Swede Searcher" -Charles
See yah never Carters old roof
Tom, Oscar, Torey, and Damian

Nic filming Rosie barspin over a bum while Damian films Nic filming, mad ironic... yet somewhat avant-garde
"Eric and Damian. Brothers separated at birth" -Charles

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