Sunday, February 3, 2013

Vacation part 3

People are super happy and nice in Hawaii, but especially in Puna.  You can hitch hike anywhere, and sometimes if your not in a rush, the driver will bring you to their house and cook you food.  It's not uncommon to hitch hike, and while your being dropped off, the driver gives you a bag of weed and says "pay it forward".  This place is unreal

 We hiked three miles in the hot desert to go to a beach.  I fucking love deserts.
 We made Samuel a sand mermaid, and Will gave him a coconut dick. Hermaphromaid?

This is a picture I stole off google of the beach.  It's called green sands beach. I think there's only three beaches in the world with green sand, caused by some mineral in the rocks. It's not really that green though.

 Akaka falls is taller than Niagra falls, and way taller than Paterson falls. There's a type of fish that lays it's eggs at the top of the falls, the eggs fall down, hatch at the bottom, float down stream into the ocean, grow, swim back up the stream, climb up the rocks of the waterfall, and lay eggs.
 I took a trip to Oahu for two days.  Spent a night in Honolulu in the cheapest hotel we could find.  The pool was full of drunk rednecks.  Honolulu was pretty sick but I felt overwhelmed after living in a jungle for two months.  My second day there I just got on a bus and rode it until I saw an empty beach to post up at all day.  This is Waimea Bay, it's where they have the Eddie Aikau big wave surf competition. The waves are like 30 feet tall and I got wrecked a bunch of times trying to body surf the small ones close to shore.
The coolest part about Oahu was that there was always a rainbow but it never rained.

 These horses looked like they should be in a fairy tale, I swear they were magical.

 This is Ka Lae, it's the southern most part of the United States. Standing on the edge of the cliff, the only land in front of you is Antarctica. I jumped off and words can't describe how awesome it was.

Most of the time we would just post up and chill.  Climb the tree, grab a coconut, smash it on a lava rock, and pass it around.  Realizing that none of us white people actually like coconut water.  But the laughs were worth the climb.
 I got to grow my ginger beard out, walk around naked, jump off the edge of America, see the milky way blah blah blah, but the best part of my trip was being able to look at this at the end of every day.
I also broke an ancient Hawaiian curse and got some wild streak of bad luck that didn't end until I undid the curse and was forgiven by Pele, but that's a whole other story.

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