Tuesday, October 9, 2012


"Geoff Bebb mother fuuuuckkkuuur"
Years back Dennis, Drew, and I were driving to some weird place in NJ so Drew could pick up a check and hit up some new spots. On the way there Dennis decided we needed to start our own BMX crew or what not. He decided, in the tradition of ripping off T2S to call ourselfes Team2Street to the second power(squared). He instantly began yelling it at all the random cunts we drove past. After a day of riding and making fun of Dennis' name choice, he finally decided to change the name to TeamSAF. SAF originally stood only for Street As Fuck... but now the briliant acranym stands for so much more.... Stupid As Fuck, Suburban Ass Fault, Steamy Anal Fucking, Suburban Alcholic Foundation (another thing we've stolen), Sober Angry Family, Sabrett Against Fattyboombaladdys, or whatever you want it to stand for... we don't care.

TeamSAF has a time honored tradition of religiously watching all the T2S edits and trying to emulate them whenever possible... and finally the long awaited T2S DVD has been released to the public!!! GO BUY IT!

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