Sunday, January 15, 2012

Don't Quit Your Day Job

Over a year ago (two Halloweens ago to be exact) I was riding L.E.S. skate park with Carluci when we saw an old school peg wizard, unaware of who it was we left the park to ride street. After stopping at the first bodega to buy some food we ran into the same group of riders from the skate park and we began to talk. If I can remember correctly at this point Carluci was still in the bodega as I waited outside. It was hard to understand the slang filled Spanish accent of the old school rider so i mostly listend to what he had to say. He finally introduced himself as "Grim"
"Grimaldo" I asked, he smiled and agreed.
"Holy shit! Your a legend man" I told him, but he refused to accept the title.
By this time Carluci was outside and Grims friends were with us, one of them twisting an L. Grim went inside the Bodega and came out with a Liter bottle of soda and a handful of small plastic cups. He distributed the cups and began filling each cup with the soda. We talked more, mostly just listening to what Grim had to say, he began talking about Ralph Sinisi and doing impressions of Ralph complaining about various things. It was the same impression I'd heard Sean and Teague do hundreds of times during my short stay as a box packer for Animal Bikes, only now the nervous raspy voice had a clear Spanish accent.

After much discussion about where we'd ride, Grim decided to take us to all the closest local spots. We stopped at the China Town banks where Grim showed us the bench he did an Xup over in Day Job. Later Grim tried this grind to hop over into the bit of tranny at the end of the ledge for a while until he fell and broke his chain.
Later as I was getting ready to take the bus home I bought two 4-lokos (still made with Caffeine and Guarene) with my last bit of money. Carluci was going in and out of various stores looking to buy an extremely last minute costume, he wound up buying a hat. As I waited outside I saw a 5$ bill by my foot, I picked it up and asked Carluci if it was his. Then I rode down the street and got a Philly-cheese steak sandwich for the bus ride. On the bus I gulped down the first 4-loko while eating the sandwich, i felt good and wrote in my notebook trying to get down everything that happened in the day. Finally as we arrived at my bus stop i got up and moved to the front of the bus. "I'm going to grab my bike" I said as i walked past the driver and stepped off the bus. I opened the luggage hatch as i heard the air breaks release and saw the door shut. The bus began to pull away, with my bike still inside, and I began to repeatedly punch the side of the bus as it drove away. As I watched the bus drive away down Washington ave I prayed that the open luggage hatch jutting 4 feet out of the right side of the bus would hit a parked car causing the absent minded bus driver to loose his job. I walked nearly 2 miles from one side of Dumont to the opposite side of Dumont where the bus' stopped for a break before heading back down Washington Ave towards Teaneck and New York City.
I punched a different bus after asking if they could help me, causing the driver to get out yelling and run in my face liek he would fight me, I told him to hit me and I'd "break your fucking jaw" I laughed at him and explained that i knew he woudn't touch me for fear of loosing his job. He yelled some more bad noise at me before returning into his bus, i turned around and punched his bus three more times which sent him out of the bus once more in a fit of rage. I walked away back towards the center of Dumont when I looked back I saw 2 bus' parked. I thought maybe one of these bus had my bike, I walked back and was greeted by the angry indian again who fliped me off as soon as he recognized my face aproaching the front of his bus. I punched his door once more and turned around again to go home. He came out of the bus and yelled, "Come back and wait for the police you pussy!"
I yelled back, "Why the hell would I wait for the cops" as I made a quick right, then, when i should have gone straight i made another right and accidently began to walk into Demerest. By the time i made it to the pond i saw two demerest police cruisers with their lights on speeding up the hill towards where I had been. I didn't even make the usual paranoid connection that these cops could very well be looking for me. By the time I made it nearly to the Dumont boarder... right at the one way bridge going over the traintracks. A demerest police cruiser came towards me from dumont, he pulled over and asked if i had just been in an argument with a bus driver. I came clean and told him exactly what happend, I figured i was boned being under 21 and drunk with a second 4-loko in my backpack. The cop was suprisingly sympathetic to my problems and let me leave when i told him i was walking right home. He told me to call the bus station the next morning to get my bike back... but by this point i figured my bike was long gone when the bus had most likely made a hard rigth turn causing the bike to fly into traffic.

uhh... i should prolly rewrite/edit/delete this whole thing/spell check this bull... but nah

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