Saturday, September 24, 2011

Generic Vicodin

Johny Sacks hooked Willy Waterson up with a whole new habitat for $20

Messed my knee up a good bit doing nothing, before i even got drunk... so im posted up watcing the simpsons

The crayon in Homers brain reminded me of the one time I was digging at the MikeB trails in New Milford with BoBo. I failed hawking up a lugie and wound up choking on it. I thought it was really strange that a snot chuck could be so dense that it could cause me to choke... so I spit in my hand to examine the specamin. The spit clump was about the size of a quater and goey with a hard core. I diped my hand with the clump into a muddy rain puddle near the berm i had been digging in. After cleaning all the crap away I realized I had just coughed up a pencil eraser...

...I coudnt really remember sticking pencil erasers up my nose so i guessed it must have been up there for atleast 7 or 8 years. The constant flow of snot on the eraser over the years warped it into a weird shape (obviously I didn't get rid of the eraser)

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