Sunday, August 7, 2011

Heroes in a Half Shell... Turtle Power!

On my ride into New Milford yesterday I spotted this and had to turn around and take a picture. I'm not one of those cool kids who takes black and white photos of every bit of roadkill they see, but this has to be the strangest creepiest thing I've seen laying on the side of any road.

Turtles seem to be randomly developing into a theme in things i the bullshit Ive been posting here. When I got to the baby trails in New Milford I rode a round for a while and then this turtle randomly appears in my way. I move him out of the way with a shovel because hes covered with flies and not moving so id assumed he was dead. Then he came to life when he was flying though the air on the shovel which I had to violently drop every time the he would try and walk off. Ive never seen the turtles with hinged bottoms like this where they can completely protect themselves.

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