Saturday, May 28, 2011

Mike DeMarzo SAF signature Tshirt

Have you ever wanted your own teamSAF MikeD-HippyT? I know I have. Today I'm going to give you a few useless pointers to making this bad-ass shirt. I say useless because I only made this shirt today and im not sure if the ink is going to stay though the wash or even today when I sweat. I'll probably end up with a big SAF logo inked on my chest after tonight. Eventually I hope to nigrig my own screen printing machine to mass produces these shirts.

Who is Mike DeMarzo you may ask? Well... he's the NJ hippy steeze machine mtb dirt jumping fool who'll smoke ya ass down any hill (except maybe Bustin Jigandi)... you can peep some of his style in the middle of this edit.STEP 1: Get Inspired (aka: steal ideas from things that already exist)

STEP 2: Gather materials
*Tshirt (MUST be tiedied)
*red/black ink
*some of your moms fine china (I chose some classic Blue Willow)

STEP 3: Trace two wheels with pencil.

STEP 4: Draw in "SAF" in pencil with the Jersey Devils horns and tail

STEP 5: First outline "SAF" in sharpie, then draw the rest of the bike in pencil and go over it in sharpie.
STEP 6: Fill in "SAF" with red ink or sharpie...

...let dry.

STEP 7: Fill in bike with black in or sharpie and let dry.

STEP 8: Go find some herbs and ride your bike... maybe read a book?

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