Sunday, June 23, 2013

when i think of bmx

i havent rode in months. ankle is shit. spent a week living in the woods by myself with no electricity or cellular service. ate chips and salsa for breakfast lunch and dinner. made campfires, took mad percocets, and fell asleep under the stars. i used to watch this video part all the time so now when i think of bmx i just think of this.
Ian Schwartz - Chad Shackelford System Video Part from BmxMoviesUploader on Vimeo. this girl i like had her birthday yesterday so i made her something nice. triple layer chocolate cake with chocolate mousse on lemon raspberry sauce with fresh whipped cream and coffee caviar. some molecular gastronomy shit. she's so not into me though.


  1. <3 come hit demarzos trails again!!! -evan

  2. please dont take percocets, thats exactly what the government wants you to do.