Monday, June 17, 2013


"Yo look at that cella!
Damn i've been tryna ride a decent cella all day"

"Yeah, sick cellar"

"Dude.... How dare you"


"HOW DARE YOU SAY IT WITH AN "AR". Do you have any idea what the true meaning of that word is?"

"But dude, you just said cellar"

"CELLA, I SAID CELLA. You cant just go around saying cellar with an AR, especially not in this neighborhood... It mad industrial... Mad cellas..."

"I dont really see the big deal yo"

"Well then, lemme spell it out for you. Back in the day "CELLARS" were not what they are today. They were forced to only serve as dark, dusty entrances to dark basements of sanitation departments and sweatshops. They watched miserable people slave away day by day making cents to an hour. Cellas these days dont even realize how lucky they are to be ridden by team SAF. After the great cella act of 2006, led by chris carter and a few other unknowing patriots, cellas all around the world are free to be enjoyed by bmx riders and skateboarders as more then just a storm door. Cellas can now be entrances to beautiful hipster lofts, and infamous dive bars, rave clubs and coffee shops. The possibilities are endless. Chris Carter and many other brave cella artists wore through many a peg to bring the cellas freedom, and that my friend, is why you NEVER refer to a cella with an AR......"

"Wow dude.... Your actually trippin'. Take a fucking nap"

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