Friday, June 7, 2013

fuck teamsaf

seriously fuck team trailblahbalahblah

evan got fired

teamsaf went bankrupt

bout time

they dont even do any grinds anymore

so wack

you have that silver joint

do a joint on my board

okay ill do it

ill do a big joint

on your board

thats exactly what im doing

its done

lemme see

teamsaf word

thats perfect

pfffttt damnnn

you gotta do the whole thing

damn wheres that marker at

lemme see that

damn so did you actually go right over the five boro thing


damn i was actually trying to keep that

but what are you writing though j****

idk im pretty sick




i have the final t*****

YO you completely missed the e

thats so good

wheel tag, yo lemme borrow this board

yo like i just bought this board and this is permanent

i just bought this brand new shiny skateboard for FIFTY DOLLARS

but you gave us permission

but not to fuck up everything else on there


he crossed out everything now its just ugly

yo evan im about to kill you

he wont argue hell just be sarcstically mocking us

just give me a wall of silver to go over

and you just drew lines over everything

dude ****** had to be crossed out


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