Thursday, June 16, 2011

Olso in the Summertime

Rode the BMX yesterday with the Animal Shipping Department in Bergenfield and then Douchemont where we ran into a bunch of little local riders. They all tried learning hop bars until finally one kid landed one but not before bleeding all over his socks. Then Scott ofered to give the other kid who was consistantly almost landing bars the pedals off his bike. He then landed his first barspin about fifteen minets later. We rode back to the cars where skavenger stickers and old plastic pedals were distributed amongst the littles, then I saw about ten old skate decks in mikes car and asked if i could take one.

Then i saw this one... with the grip tape too i had to take it.

I wound up putting both kids who landed the barspins on teamSAF and told the others if they learn bars they could be on too.

put a song on youtube if that makes you feel better

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