Monday, June 13, 2011

Danger Bob

ehh i dont feel like rereading this shit and editing it to make sense right now so fuck u..
So today I woke up to smoke a bit of res, download trainspotting and watched the first 20 minets of it.. then i got a call from Luci to ride, i diped to his crib where he and Bobby T were eating some kinda omlets... the thought of eggs grossed me out for some reason.. after the eggs we headed to the main rail where some grindz went down with some obvious colateral damage, which is often neccesary. Then i jumped the mikeB slung roof for shits and gig's and wound up sliding on my ass pretty good the first go about. We got tired of the apts and left to get some brews, then we went to marcs house to meet up with him and fluffnuts, we wound up ridign the kicker
bobby t found a dating sign and began advertising himself as he was going to be signing up for the site later in the day.. he did this for a while and even freestyled a bit outside of the store with the dating sign in his hand as luci and i got the drinks.
All this police and jail mademe think of this...

Which i got from the Munsterman... which made me watch this...

...which i almost didnt like because of how artsy it was

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