Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Harold Camping is one dumb mother fucker

This stupid ass faith having grandpa mother fucker who predicted the Rapture is now saying its going to happen in October because there was no giant earth quake on the 21st. Doesn't this idiot watch Fox News? He should have just played it off like this, "The rapture has begun! We were wrong about the earth quake... it turned out to only be volcanic activity in Iceland... and yes we were wrong about instantaneous ascension into heaven for all good Christians... but we were not wrong about the rapture! Slowly, all the good faith having Christians will die off in the most peaceful matter and go directly into Heaven between now and October... and in October there will be an earthquake and whoever is not in Heaven by then will be banished to die on earth."
Or some other bullshit like that, But no, he said he was wrong and its going to happen in October... what a delusion bastard, now what the hell is he going to say in October when NOTHING happens?

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