Monday, May 16, 2011

"You always threatened to give us enemas if we didn't behave properly"

(prepare for spelling errors)
Went to Bills graduation with the fam and g-ma. Some great graduating writer, Diego Ortiz, gave a speech to the other graduates. We'll have to wait and see who's writing career plays out better, his or banes. Then the head of the Rutgers University Alumni Association gave a pointless boring speech about his father playing profesinal baseball and batting before the first player who broke the color barior, then later fighting on D-day in WWII... the story sort of fizzled out at the end with abunch of awful long dramatic pauses and then something about his father never telling him he also went to rutgers... and the son was most proud of his dad for going to Rutgers? Idk it was fucking pointless... he also lied saying, "We don't want any of your money... we just want you all to be yourselves" talking to the graduates. But I know my dad gets atleast 2 calls a year from the NJIT Alumni Association begging for change, and im sure the RU Alumni's wont be very different in the long run.


SHOW US YOUR FAAACE!!! (hick accent)

Who the fuck advertises a huge corporation for their college graduation?

Annette Gordon-Reed dropping knowledge.

I tried getting a picture of Bill shacking hands getting the diploma but this dick walked in the way.

Mini Moz Sticks and Kickin' Buffalo Chicken...

then watched "Crumb" with the Mom and Bill.

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