Monday, May 2, 2011

So I'm sitting hear pondering in my prison-like yellow cubical of a bedroom listening to "Beach Side Property." The grand old United States of Amurica has finally killed Bin Ladin. The drunk idiots were out partying last night like we actually accomplished something... we shouldn’t be happy. We should be miserable knowing the government has a permission slip now to continue the War on TERROR (I’m shaking in my pants.) Years from now when political analysts are discussing why we are still in whatever oil filled desert fighting whatever pseudo war as the gas prices continue to rise and the oil companies grow fatter with dough... well ill just know its all bullshit, its such bullshit that its hard to tell where the truth ends and the bullshit begins.

There is no point arguing whether we actually did kill Bin Ladin or not because he’s just some pointless figurehead, nothing will change, ever. And its nearly impossible to say anything on the subject without sounding like a crazed "Loose Change" watching moron... and there’s always some good American Patriot to let you know that
Thank you Skoundrel for the ossama footage.

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