Thursday, April 25, 2013

Piece-kid's Expo

Highly acclaimed smoking apparatus collector Chris "Peace-kid" Something or other hails from The Golden State and has now made his home next to Kev's junkyard. He works a real person job, lives with babes, rides asian motorcycles, and in his spare time drinks Ballantine Ale and collects glass apparati that are usually valued higher than my monthly rent in hiptown. Anyway, he recently made the trek two doors down with multiple briefcases full of glass to hangout at Kev's museum. He displayed the tip of his pieceberg and got TeamSAF thoroughly obliterated on hash oil. Anonymous quotes of the night include; "This bong slide is valued over $500." Also, "Look at Kevin ruining his life." And we can't forget, "Feuer." .....yabbaDABbadoo!

"You boys ain't even ready."

Copper plated glass by bong artist,  Snick. Check the guy Ev is fumbling with,  looks porcelain almost but apparently it's dyed glass.

More pieces than ODB's siblings have nieces.

2 of them joints, 2. 

Starting to breach over into the realm of FBR. It's a fine line.

Jerm traveled ten hours north just to make it to the expo, feuer.

Necessary laser gun assist.

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