Monday, March 11, 2013

some awful fotos

Some new and some old pictures. I don't know how to use a camera properly so most of them suck but sometimes I get lucky.

Brian, tuck no hander, prov park.

Me, proper x-up, prov park. pic by Brian.

Not landed

Not tuff nuts.


Someone used to live in that

I found this cool spot by the water. Someone carved their name in the rocks and dated it "1934"

This place never sold gas anyways.

Boring city skyline.

Nemo aftermath.

Old pic from freshman year.  This rope swing is now gone.

My homie John grilling a chicken quesadilla. 

Red wine poached pear.

This is the tallest railroad trestle east of the Mississippi.

Joey Chestnut is the hot dog eating champion.  He represents America.

The day after this picture was taken, some fat kid tried swinging and broke the branch that the rope was attached to.  I think he got really hurt because my friend said she saw cops and and ambulance near the entrance to the woods. I like to believe I was the last one to successfully use this rope swing.

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