Sunday, March 31, 2013

I kinda get it

I've been helping out at this awesome set of trails.  Just rode them for the first time today and it was so much fun.  

 "Once you get up there, you gotta ride off.  It's more dangerous to carry your bike down the ladder."

This is something I was making this time last year. Greek yogurt napoleon on almond lace cookies with greek honey and crushed walnuts. Boring.

This is what I made last week. Gluten-free, low glycemic index.  Apple cinnamon Panna Cotta made with Mascarpone cheese and apple cider reduction, levitating on a pistachio lace cookie, with maple agave caramel sauce and a honey cinnamon gellee, garnished with a toasted pine nut brittle.

This is me riding my bike

things and stuff 3 from peterschwab on Vimeo.

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