Tuesday, February 26, 2013

scanned archives found

Here's a bunch of pictures that I had in a box under my bed.

Evan, icepick in Englewood.

      Fun spot down the street from my house

 Mike Legan, nosepick in Milford, CT

 Sean Plundike, stalefish or melon or whatever this grab is called, Tenafly

 John Marston, ollie, Warwick

 Garde Manger, smoked pork loin, roasted tender loin, pork terrine, school

 Tailtap, down the street from school

 Angel, bike tilt, Manville, RI


 Local park


 Tuck No Hander Kid, Tuck no hander

 Failed attempt

 John Marston, polejam, Milford, CT



 Pawtucket, RI

 The trails I built this summer, Closter, NJ

 Aubrey, wallride to 180, Providence.
I hung out with this kid 7 years ago and ended up running into him 5 years later in Providence.  His bike hasn't changed at all.

 Some monochromatic dessert platter

This picture was taken by a 10 year old kid from Texas named Xavier.  He was visiting his grandma in Brooklyn, and she let him go out on his scooter and roam around NYC.  Me, him, and Phil Jones met each other at L.E.S. at 8 in the morning and then went to go ride street.  We went bombing down Canal, in between cars with this little kid keeping up on a scooter.  I handed him this camera that was more than four times his age and he took the illest picture of me. 

 This was the end of the roll, so the picture of Phil wallriding a little ledge got overlapped.  When we were riding, I was like "Ok, this guy's really good." Then I saw this and was like shitttttttttt.