Friday, February 15, 2013

Buggit List Part 1

 My introduction to combat robots was from watching the lamest show, Robotica. A bunch of boring ass robots would race around figure 8 tracks and mazes to compete for the chance to actually fight a robot in the last 5 minutes of the show. And the fight at the end was usually pretty anticlimactic.
Eventually I saw Robot Wars, I watched it religiously every Saturday night and would even record every episode on VHS (I still have the stack of tapes). Hypno Disc quickly became my favorite robot, it was the first time i saw one robot completely dismantle another
 We never had cable TV or the internet in my house until i was in the latter part of my high school stint, and had already long forgotten Robot Wars and moved onto BMX. Recently, I've been going back and watching all the Robots that I had only seen pictures of in my OFFICIAL BATTLEBOTS GUIDE

My first attempt at building any sort of robot with my dad was a complete failure, we never even finished making a wood prototype. He would take me out garbage picking on "big pick up" days for things to take apart in attempts to gather materials for some kind of "robot".
Later I had bought a bunch of Battlebot toys and remote control cars, then I read about this dude hacking a Battlebot toy and turning it into a functioning Sozbot (sixteen OZ. robot)
So I ripped apart my rc battlebot and attached an Erector Set-spinning blade to a cordless drill motor. I had first done everything with duct tape until one summer morning I woke up to find the entire thing had melted. So I took it all apart and redid it with plastic, screws, and zipties. In the end it weighed over 3lbs and its been sitting on my shelf ever since.
Later I tried again to build a robot with my dad, we got much further then the first time, but in the end it was still an utter failure.
Its kinda funny that the people we seem to rip off the hardest (melon3) have a link to the Fighting Robot Association on their site. I can't stop thinking about building another little robot to compete in the closest Robot Fighting venue I can find (N.E.R.C.)
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