Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Top 5 Riders That Don't Ride: #5

"Emerson" Alex
Reason for quitting BMX: Not a good a look.

Emerson Alex is now well on his way to becoming a wealthy bureaucrat. He got out of the game just in time before the lifestyle completely caught up with him; he only allowed it to ruin his youth. Young adulthood is treating him well, he has a Bachelor's of Business under his belt and is establishing himself in Corporate America working as a banker in Midtown. He's strictly a social drinker and I'm willing to bet a rusty peg that his pajamas came from J Crew. He's the kind of guy who has a couch you would want to sleep on.

Before selling out, Alex was a quintessential part of the Bergen County scene in the 2006 post All Day era. If a Venn Diagram was drawn with the styles of Mark Gralla and Sadanori Higashi on each side, Alex would be in the center. It is arguable that due to his obsession with Ratkid and "Ratkid Spots" alike that SAF strayed from only riding PMS and similar ledges. Our cellar door obsession would not exist if it wasn't for this man. Alex didn't enjoy filming anything unless the surrounding area looked impoverished. He once strung together a strenuous line over a number of takes involving a lengthy nose manual and refused to use the footage in one of his edits because, "There's a big ass suburban house in the background." It is this mentality that has led to classics such as You Had Your Chance 2.

Spring Break from alex on Vimeo.

The Lost Archives of Emerson Alex: The Complete Series from Chris Carter on Vimeo.

julys been busy from alex on Vimeo.

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