Sunday, November 17, 2013

slowly, apathetically flying

your local world traveller here. yung melanin aka sea legs aka hairtie the sinista. i flew out to poland to do a little pierogie testing, among other things. some homeless fuck tried to cause static when i was enjoying a fine litre of beer with my girl. he had the polish equivalent of king cobra in his hand, remember how cheap that shit used to be at Eric's? like .75 a can.
regardless, that doesn't compare to the inexpensiveness of poland, the zloty is worth mad less than the american dollar. lamb shanks and kwaƛnica out the wazoo nahmen?

let's roll through my hood for a minute aight? with the proper decals nic's 5 series could be hooking yuppies up with massive amounts of street knowledge.

out here. they told me they pronounce it "koshkgyshukee" 

what does yours do?

i could hotbox one o dem real quick.

no lost cats no matter what respect o the gods hail bastet or whatever.

i know mad fools that could use a stabmixer you feel me

tequila flavored beer aaaaaaight.

but do they know about the kool G? lemme aks them.

shit cost me like two dollars get on my frugality level b.

k im back in these stupid states. they dont have cellas out there so im glad to be bCk.

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