Sunday, October 27, 2013

this icepick funded by barack obama

This picture reminds me of how bmx was when i first subscribed to Ride in 2005. Do kids still do icepick stalls and make ghetto street setups?  But more importantly, do kids these days still ring people's  doorbells and run away?  The board of wood was a sign that read "this construction project funded by president barack obama". Thanks dude, but I'm still not buying your health care.

The homie Alex catching air on a slant wall/bank.

5 ways you are being killed slowly:
1. The chemtrails they spray in the sky.
2. The fluoride in your drinking water.
3. The GMOs in your food.
4. The wifi penetrating your brain cells.
5. The dirty electricity surrounding your power outlets and transmitted to your body through the coils in your mattress.

My homie Che makes beats and used one of my photos for album art.  Check out his beats below and use them for your gangsta raps.

Check out Che's rap crew FOLK and download all their shit for free.

I learned over time that shit happens and you just have to deal with it and move on, but MTV canceling this show is something I will never get over. Fuck.

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