Sunday, September 8, 2013

Internet Nerdings

ultimate fanboy mode
TCU meets teamSAF

I Recently picked up the Dig issue about creativity, "Creative Control", and was glad to find my favorite (I can't think of a stronger word that would get across my love for the art produced by this God.) designer featured, Adam Roye. You probably know Royes timeless work from looking at CULT ads on the side of your favorite bmx website where copyright infringement meets the cutting edge of ironic design.
Unbeknownst to myself, Mr. Roye has his own website where he combines WTF and FTW into WTFTW... such a fitting name for the art produced by this living legend. On this website Roye keeps the theme going of slightly tweeking stolen images to make a profit.
...I can't decide if I should order the Daniel Johnston rip off or the Calvin and Hobbes rip off?
check out a Sneak Peak of my part in the upcoming ODVD promo (pw: odvdSAF)

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