Saturday, August 10, 2013


Bout time team saf gets a little more informative. I mean its almost a crime to be such an advanced group of individuals and yet never make an attempt to spread the knowledge. Area 51 is real. Osama bin laden was a skapegoat. Every laundromat is a drug front. The government is prepared to liquidate your physical the second you propose a serious threat. Oh, and newark is apparently the least friendly city in not just the US, but the entire world
And the mighty quinn wants you to know these are some damn good dogs.

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  1. Well as everyone could imagine the friendly/unfriendly poll is pretty shotty, the friendliest city in America is in SOUTH Carolina!?!?(we'll have to get a report from Jeremy on the accuracy of this) What if you're not white and you head out there? I wonder if the hospitality levels would drop slightly?