Tuesday, May 7, 2013

surgical ankle fantasies part 3

#7. Look at 83 pictures of the streets.
See below.

#8.  Write a silly love poem.
Here's a poem I wrote about a girl I like. I know I'll regret posting it.

I know you think they're gross, but I love your imperfections
Even though it looks like a skin disease that you should probably get checked out.

And I love your smartass grammatical corrections
That you make when I talk like I'm in Jersey with my friends just hanging out.

I think it's cute when you text me a line to your favorite country song.

I just turn on the radio and imagine you singing along.

It's cuter when you ask me to sext you when I know your drunk and not alone.

I'm sorry I never do, it's just I got this 2 megapixel camera on a 7 year old phone.

But when you woke me up in the middle of the night asking for french fries

I didn't bother telling you that they would go straight to your thighs.

I just told you I was too tired to ride my bike across town, and the food trucks were closed, 
but those were both lies.

#9. Watch videos that make you regret your decisions.
This is a video made by my friend Taylor.  Makes me wish I never left Puna. Too sick.

Puna Coast (rough cut) from tee pee on Vimeo.

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