Friday, August 5, 2011

Drink twice as fast, and twice as much..

Matt L Mobile, Lil-Marc, Sada

I wasn't very good at taking photos before my camera broke, nor was I much better at developing them. My damn professor wound up giving me a C... I did blow off a field trip after meeting Luci in the city and calling the professor to ask for the address of the cafe he was at. Me Luci and Marc walked all the way to the cafe but we were already an hour late so they had already gone, instead of calling i decided we should walk back to Pacewon and ride instead of look at art galerys. Then after all that I didnt show up for a month of class... half becasue i'd left my camera in Luci's dorm when we walked all the way back to Jersey that night only getting home after sunrise. The other half of my reasons.. who knows.. I was prolly schmokin or somthing. The worst part of it all is I only found out about what auditing a class (what I should have done for what seems like most of my classes) meant this past semester. So my GPA is pretty well fucked, but fuck it who needs that.

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